Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chinese "Vii" commerical

Wow. How Horrible.

It's amazing that they can produce a commercial based on a product whose only draw is that people might confuse it for the "Wii". It doesn't have any other draw. It sucks. Badly.

If it was aimed at Western people I would feel better at this, but this seems to be another in a long line of products aimed at fooling the Chinese people into thinking they are buying Western products. Some of these Chinese consumers don't even realize that these products are just cheap knock-offs.

I suppose as more and more Western people stop buying unsafe and shoddy products from corrupt Chinese corporations there will be more products like this trying to take advantage of Chinese consumers.

If anyone in America thinks that this is a product from Nintendo and get duped into buying it, they deserve to get ripped off. There was a Youtube video where people were asking if it was a Nintendo product...IDIOTS.

Btw. Who was that guy? Vice President of the Singaporean Olympic Atheletes? For shame! How can you say this is good exercise for kids? That's horrible.

Chinese manufacturing should focus on making third party electronics or something decent. Not this crap that is simply designed to make a quick buck.

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