Monday, August 27, 2007

*sigh* Still no new media projects

I had some free time on the weekend but after swimming at my families rustic style camp (i.e. in the middle of nowhere on the banks of a Reservoir) I just didn't have time to film anything.

What with working two jobs and all it's been tough to find any free time to do anything.

And when I do have free time I am trying to find a new job...or have no ambition.

Anways I cleaned video game carts for about 2 hours straight on Sunday.

It's one of those activites that I really gotta avoid since it's a real time waster.

So after about a million Q-tips and a quarter bottle of cart cleaner later I have cleaned pretty much every one of my cart based games. All I have left are some N64 games and doubles.

I also found out that one of my orginal NES consoles runs pretty much perfectly with clean games. Damn it's pretty sweet to play Metal Gear and then quickly play some Snake's Revenge right after without dicking around with reinserting the carts. I am glad I got my NES 2 though. It's still a cool little thing to have around.

All this of course is on top of my OTHER project, storing all my video games in plastic tubs. I got some really cheap at a local grocery store. I figure it's alot better protection than the crappy egg boxes I had stored them in.

This whole deal has lead me to the conclusion that I have, scientifically speaking, a "crapload of games".

My NES collection alone can only fit in one and half 54 gallon plastic boxes. My Genesis and Sega CD collection takes up another. And my collection of PS, Saturn, PS2, Gamecube, and Dreamcast stuff? Legion. 4 boxes at least. Most of my Dreamcast games are in a HUGE 4 foot tall standing case now and the rest are in a padded case logic case and a bin (for those still in shrink wrap). Plus I have most of my consoles out next to the TV now...

The sad part of all of this is that I still have to go through my upstairs stuff whihc includes a ton of PC games, Dreamcast games, and my 2 Dreamcast wheel controllers (which are gonna take up a ton of room).

In all I think that with alittle organization I can pack all these up nicely and make them look alot better.

I will have to put some pics ups soon.

But really enough is enough. I am gonna collect some stuff still but unless I get a REALLY good deal there is no way I have room for any new consoles. I mean i got a Genesis one and bunch of controllers and stuff for $5 yesterday, But I already have like 4 Genesis consoles...I do not need another one...

If I ever get a house of my own I am gonna be able to decorate an entire room in video game stuff...

(And when people realize that the TVs they are still selling in Best Buy aren't digital I am sure to get a few decent TVs to set up in there as well).



The Elderly said...

(armed with box of q tips....)

video games room... drooool!

(prepared to wait, elderly joins q for unveiling ceremony)..

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