Friday, August 10, 2007

Screwattack review proven WRONG.

Way to prove to the world that you are dumb-shit NES fanboys Screwattack...

Gamejew, one of Screwattack's contributors, said in a recent VC review that "Shining Force" wasn't worth $5 (despite the fact that people on Ebay are paying an average of $30 for the cart).

Hmm take a look at this article from Joystiq...


The game YOU said wasn't worth $5 made it to the TOP FREAKING TEN most popular VC games.

This proves that Screwattack can no longer be considered a gamer website, it's just a damn entertainment site.

You can go there and enjoy some decent videos made by NES fanboys with ADD who can't enjoy Strategy RPG games because they don't have the attention span to handle them.

But a gaming site? No way... The true gamers who put Shining Force in the top ten have spoken.

Huh...self professed "Gamers" allow something like that to be

If you want some cool videos go to the Dreamcast Junkyard and watch some of Gagaman(n)'s stuff.


Caleb said...

Comment from that Joystiq article:

"The Dreamcast is more powerful than the Wii."


The GagaMan(n) said...

Game Jew was raised on Nintendo, and is catching up on Sega games. There isn't really many Sega games at all that impress him. Besides, I thought Game Jew was only vaguely (not entirely) connected to Screwattack now? I mean, most of his video's are not posted there anymore, but at his own site.

gnome said...

Regardless. Gagaman you're still miles ahead.

The GagaMan(n) said...

One of my favorite video reviewers of at the moment is Still Gaming @

Caleb said...

Oh hell yeah. And the girl puppetter from PBC-Productions just did one for the Atari game "Food Fight".

Pretty cool.