Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cheap games alert - New Kmart price drops.

Got some good deals for clearanced video games from Kmart.

Rouge Galaxy a nice looking RPG going for $19.99. Gamestop still selling it for $39.99.

Digesaga 2 $25.00

Dance Factory - $19.99

Tales of Legendia (PS2) $ 15.00

Narnia GC $14.00

Hitman Blood money - $15.00 (10.50 if you go during a 30% off day)

and more.

These games were not all priced when I got there so you might want to get them priced checked like I did before you buy to see how cheap they are in the system.

Plus these clearance games will only go down in price as the summer ends so it might pay to see how low these games are gonna go.

In the past I have gotten Eyetoy fitness with eyetoy for $5 and Indigo Prophecy for $4. So keep your eye on the local Kmart and remember that the employees sometimes do not have the current prices marked.

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