Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SMS - 20 poorly emulated games on the go!

I was walking in a Target store when I saw this:

Yes that's Sonic! So I stopped and took a closer look.

It turns out this was a Coleco portable emulator with 20 SMS and Game Gear Games on it (if you count Snail Maze as a game). It's a bit bigger than a gameboy Micro with a passable color screen.

The thing can be plugged into a TV (as demostrated by Sonic himself) but the emulation is not so great. So you are better off playing on the small crappy screen. The version of Altered Beast is a joke...HORRIBLE. Some of the others were more passable.

Sonic Drift II
Fantasy Zone
Assault City
Kung Fu Kid
Fantasy Zone The Maze
The Ninja
Super Columns
Astro Warrior
Bomber Raid
Sonic Triple Trouble
Alex Kidd in High Tech World
Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Altered Beast
Aztec Adventures
Global Defense
Penguin Land
Ecco Tides of Time
Snail Maze

Anyways it was priced at $49.99 originally. To much money for it. I mean it's not actual SMS technology so you would be better off investing in a Game Gear adaptor. It was on CLEARANCE for 12.99. Thats a price I could bear paying. Fifty bones though? No way, not worth it.

Speaking of game gear, check this out! Game Gear TV adaptor for $.50!!! Holy crap how cool is this??? Very cool. It works alot better than I would have thought possible. To bad it is gonna be outdated soon (Goodbye Analog Signals Hello Digital)...Anyways it has inputs in so I gotta see what I can plug in there. No German pron though (inside joke).


gnome said...

Well, despite the not-so-glowing review, I'd still love one of these...

Caleb said...

I calls em like I sees em gnome.

A person would be better off saving money and buying real SEGA products or simply buying a handheld computer and using emulation.

gnome said...

Still, it sounded like such a nice little idea... Guess I 'll trust your judgement after all...

Caleb said...

If you can get one for less than 20 USD...cause that's what's its worth.

I mean it would be easier to set up an emulator on a portable device or a computer and you would get better quality.

I think the major selling point of this is convience and that should never be a high consideration when you are talking about gaming.