Monday, August 06, 2007

More morons jump on the bandwagon

So I dunno. I guess two really stupid kids see someone smashing a Dreamcast in a shitty youtube video and decide to make AN EVEN WORSE QUALITY VIDEO.

This is just two morons that are really being fake in their enthusiasm and they are obviously trying so hard to be cool.

Let me tell you. These little kids are dumbasses. They add nothing new to the "whole smashing old electronics" genre videos. Nothing.

I really think that this enforces the fact that the Dreamcast is cool. Because these kids are f'ing stupid. So naturally what they would choose to destroy would be something awesome. They probably have a PS3 and tell everyone how cool it is (even though it has no good games yet).

I do not understand this new wave of people that think that they are gonna make a decent media project when they have no editing skills and no talent or original ideas. WTF.

If you are doing a video project that you really think is great and/or you are having a fun time doing it then that's a different matter. If you are being fake and your end goal is having OTHER people vote for your video then you are doing the media project for all the wrong reasons.

I have no problem with amatures doing videos that suck as long as those people didn't make those videos for the sole purpose of winning some media popularity contest.

The kids in this video did not want to smash their Dreamcast. They wanted other people to think they were cool. Smashing the Dreamcast was only a means to that end. Thus, in the end the video is worthless (except to prove my points about videos like this).

We have alot of professional people doing this already. More than 75% of all media in this country is being produced by people who only care about the bottom line. We do not need more people adding to this. The media itself should be the reason to help create it.

Lame little unoriginal Gen Y losers. They only prove how cool the Dreamcast really is.

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The GagaMan(n) said...

I'm glad I skipped through most of that. They spent half of the video trying to break the controller with not a lot of success.I suppose this is the down side to making the publication of videos online so easY: You're gonna get a lot of bad crap that's not worth giving any sort of attention and only benefit from posts like this.