Monday, July 02, 2007

SEGA Game Gear is PSAs

I need to blog about this stuff when I see it.

I saw a PSA featuring characters from Shrek telling a kid who was playing a Game Gear to go outside and play...

I saw this 2 MONTHS ago. I never blogged it because I was lazy.

Then Kotaku runs an article about this last Monday.

I guess when you see this stuff you had better blog it right then and there...

Anyways I guess they couldn't use a current handheld game console since Shrek has games on all those. And they couldn't use an old Gameboy since Nintendo is supporting the new Shrek games...

Anways that kid was probably having a great time with that Game Gear. It's too bad that video games don't really make kids violent...then he could beat the shit outta that stupid computer animated donkey.

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