Monday, July 16, 2007

DDR? Oh yeah.

I was shopping around the local thrift shop for electronics when I got a pretty damn good deal.

After looking at the bare electronics section (I found a copy of Flashback for the Genesis last week) I gave up and headed for the exit.

Then on a whim I walked over to the sports department. Strangely enough there were TWO Dance Dance Revolution pads (Multi-plug for PS2, Xbox and Gamecube) just sitting there. They were not first party though, one is Mad Catz, the other is Interact brand.

I have NO idea why they would put these in the sports dept. I suppose the people in charge of putting away stuff had no idea what they were.

Anyways there were no prices on them. Anyways I took them to the front of the store and when through my usual spiel in order to get the best price. Then I asked the woman how much and she said 4 dollars each. HOLY CRAP!

I looked in my wallet and realized I didn't have enough cash (and they don't take cards since they can't afford it. I asked the woman to hold them while I went to the bank.

So then she just says she will sell them for $2 each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Crap! These things do go for like $20 new! And these looked to be in excellent condition!

Anyways I took them home and found out they worked but was depressed when I found my copy of DDR Extreme 2 had somehow broke....lame. It warped somehow and I didn't remember if I ever tried it out after I had bought it. Sucks.

I got a copy of DDR Extreme from a store for $15. Gamestop sells it used for $34 so I felt that was a pretty good price.

Anyway, both pads seem to work fine with my PS2. The mad catz one feels better but both are pretty responsive.

Surprisingly as a snob retro gamer I really enjoyed playing this game. I sweat like a pig but the training sections worked well to teach you the basics of the game. Getting those perfects seemed easy at times if you get the rhythm right.

And for exercising this was way cooler than the fitness program for Eyetoy. (DDR Extreme uses eyetoy as well).

I also was in Blockbuster and found some decent PS2 games for sale. They are having a buy one get one free sale.

I got:

Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly

Shadow hearts

Dragongard 2

Ark the Lad

For the kickass total price of $24.

Fatal Frame 2 and Shadowrun are the real gems of this purchase. Both of these games go for $34.99 at Gamestop nowadays.

I only played Fatal Frame 2 for alittle bit but it seemed really surreal. Nice atmostsphere. For people that liked Silent Hill I suggest you get this.

Shadowhearts seems to be an interesting RPG I have never heard of before. It's one of those many PS2 games that most people gave a pretty high rating 7.9 8.0 ect while other rabid fans proclaimed it "teh best game eva". Worth the purchase price since Gamestop sells used copies for so much money (34.99 WTF?) I like the spin of having an RPG set in old school 1900 with old trains and WW1 rifles yet at the same time having demons with sickles cutting the shit outta everyone.

Drakengard 2 seems fun and Arc the Lad seems OK as well.

And for Retro news I got some decent Genesis games Flashback, Phantasy Star 2 and Vectorman (Vectorman is unopened in box!!!!!).

I also got another copy of Capcom VS SNK and Plasma Sword for my Dreamcast.

Overall an excellent month.

However that guy who was selling the Dreamcast lightguns that look like actual guns has not gotten back to me yet. He was selling games like Shining Force CD for like $5 (sells on ebay of over $80) He had sold out of most of his stuff. I hope I get those lightguns....


The GagaMan(n) said...

get yourself a PSX to DC Controller converter from (about $10) and you could use the DDR mat for Space Channel 5! =D

Caleb said...

Yeah I also want to try out the "Feet of Fury" demo.

Thanks for the Info!

(I would have to make sure that the doors are locked before I play Space channel 5 with the dance mat. If my friends dropped by and saw me...I dunno...I would never live that down)