Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh man....

To say it was a tough week this week was such a goddamn understatement.


To top it off I had to get the car inspected and OF COURSE they found something wrong. They didn't charge me for installation or labor though because they forgot about my car and had me waiting for 2 and a half hours for a f'ing 10 minute job...and of course now I worry that they rushed that....I HATE MECHANICS. It's not my problem that I never got into that stuff or learned much more than the basics. Now I know alot I can fix most small car problems but shit man, cars today are TOO DAMNED complex. Yeah and it's not like I wasn't busy learning other stuff. I can fix most electrical thingies. Anyways I bet that damned secondary engine belt wasn't really cracked. I mean it might have had the general impression of "crackishness" when held a certain light. It's all a scam.

And my finaces got a bit screwed up as well... suckage.

Anyways I got some good Dreamcast stuff that I am gonna an article about in the Junkyard.

Ditto with some Saturn stuff. - Including a copy of Dragon Force which refuses to run! Gonna pull out all the stops on this one.


On the news today there was an odd story. There is a cat the predicts when people die...or he
KILLS people with his mental feline powers. Either way I don't want him to snuggle up to me.

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