Monday, July 02, 2007

Dreamcast Summer Games still somewhat alive!

So it seems like nobody could get behind the idea of the Dreamcast Games. Hardly anyone wanted to give simple ideas, rather they pestered me for insane ideas and some even asked I upload illegal copies for them to play (not gonna happen). Plus I got a really good second job in real life and have been working like a dog 60+ hours a week.

However I will still take scores on pretty much ANYTHING and post them here...

Anyways here are a few ideas to try out!

-Best progression in a game with only 1 life no continues. (HoD2, Soul Calibur ect.)

-Best item gained by in PSO with a new character for 30 mins of play. (Offline mode ONLY).

-Most creative use of a controller in game. (Use of fishing rod, wheel ect.)

-Most creative use of a non-working Dreamcast or accessory.

-Highest score on hardest difficulty level. (Duh.)

-Fastest timed round gameplay (any)

-Furthest progression in Survial Horror Genre game only using basic melee weapon (i.e. knife in RE series) and NO HEALING items.

I still will take your unique ideas though and post them here! Maybe someone will want to challenge you before the week is over.

Please comment here or email your scores to


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gnome said...

Most creative use of a non-working Dreamcast? Hmm... I'll see if I can come up with something...