Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Good enough for the Junkyard?

This dude made a pretty cool video featuring his fav. Dreamcast games set to different music.

I didn't agree with his choices but overall the concept was cool.

Is this something that is good enough for the Dreamcast Junkyard?


gnome said...

Think it's great enough...

The GagaMan(n) said...

I'm been meaning to start making some Top 10 videos for the Junkyard, more in the vain of what Screw Attack's ones are like. Something like "Best Dreamcast games of all time" is too hard to judge though. have the following I wanna do:

* Top 10 Unreleased games
* Top 10 DC Emulators
* Top 10 Homebrew games
* Top 10 2D Fighters
* Top 10 3D Fighters
* Top 10 Racing games
* Top 10 Worst DC games
* Top 10 Shmups
* Top 10 WTF games