Monday, May 14, 2007

A ton of new Stuff to go over.

Ok first off I got a new review over at the Saturn Junkyard. If you have a Saturn go over there and get your Sh'ump on!

I have a TON of new games to review and go over. On the negative side of things I had a REALLY busy 7 day week so I cannot get all the cool stuff I want to get done in.

So the Dreamcast Summer games and the media stuff I am working on has been delayed.

However, I do plan on shooting my Dreamcast Collection video soon.

A quick note. I played Alien Front Online for the Dreamcast a bit yesterday and I am SO angry that I did not get this game new at KB toys. I know there are alot of copies floating around though so it's still all good. It LOOKS awesome. Run around in a tank blowing the crap outta stuff and running over stuff. HERE is the manual for all you guys who bought it sans case and manual like me.

Oh and this?

Quattro Adventure. A rare 8-bit treasure I scooped up for $1.99. It Works too. It's got a switch built right into the cart.

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fatherkrishna said...

Shumps are my new thing... Have you got Gunbird 2 for the DC? And have you had any luck downloading the vapour ware Saturn game that Gnome posted?