Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Salvation Army Score!

I went to my local salvation Army and found some cool stuff.

-Doom 2 in Box (Or so I thought)
-A N64 controller looking MINT
-PSone cable.
-Harry potter 3 gamecube game (I only got this because it was cheap and it had GBA functions)

And I was looking around and I saw this crappy looking Game Boy case covered in Yugi-O stickers. I picked it up thinking that perhaps it had a crappy original Game boy or beat up Game boy color in it. Instead I found a Game Boy Advance in good condition with a little NKYO light attachment. It was missing the back battery plate (so EBa nd Gamestop would not take it back) So I grabbed that for $4.

Now the only bad thing about all this was when I double checked the Doom 2 Box. It had a Tandy game in it, a small book of fine art and a classic music double CD featuring about 140 classic songs from Mozart and such. I already have a copy of Doom 2 (ultimate doom collection) so it wasn't that bad. I still got the box and original instruction booklet. Now before you ask, yes, I usually check and double check stuff before I buy it. However this time I thought that the box was heavy and had extra games and stuff in it. I was under the watchful eye of the register person and I didn't want to be accused of stuffing the box full of extra CDs and stuff. If I would have opened the box I am sure that the register person would have taken the extra stuff out and made me pay separate for it. So I rolled the dice and didn't open the box. My mistake. Stupid mistake.

Why the hell would someone give away a Doom 2 box with all this random stuff in it? I dunno. No big loss. I only really wanted the box and manual anyways. And now I have a nifty little table book filled with fine art and two CDs full of classical music to listen to while I play Doom 2.

You shouldn't rule out Salvation Army Stores and other such places when you are looking for video game stuff. Now that all the morons are getting rid of their old consoles in favor of new ones it's a good time to look around.

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fatherkrishna said...

I'd say on balance you scored well my brother! You got that shit for a reason... have you ever listened to any classical music? It could be cool! Turn it up loud and turn off the sound from your TV and play Doom whilst drunk... You might have a mystic revelation...:)