Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A quick note for those of you in need of cash or trade in

Evil corporate giant Gamestop has become useful for once...

I needed some cash so I was getting rid of some extra games I had for the PS2 and Gamecube. Nothing good mind you. Just stuff that I picked up for like $2.00 at garage sales or games that I beat to death (like DarkWatch - holy crap what a ripoff. I beat that ENTIRE game TWICE in one weekend. Get Painkiller for the PC if you want a game like that.)

Anyways I was SHOCKED to see a rather hefty sum of money added up after I traded in my trash! MUCH more than I expected.

The cashier was confused as well and added up again. Then she called over the manager.

It turns out there is a special on right now (at least in the Gamestop stores in NY) where if you trade in 5 used games you get 30% more cash.

For games that I got for $2.00 getting $5.75-8.90 back for them was a GOOD deal!

So any ways nobody in the store seemed to know anything about the game deal going on...

It might behoove those of you with 5 crappy games you want to get rid of to head over to GameStop or EBgames.

Knowing them they might adjust the system so it gives you 30% more ONLY if you are getting trade-in value and not cash.

But still, trade in is good if you want anything in store I guess.

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fatherkrishna said...

I swear you've got some sort of devilish pact going on...