Friday, May 11, 2007

Random post - Ultima Series PC.

Sorry for the random post but I was feeling somewhat nostalgic after reading Gnome's article on free RPG games which included using Exult to play Ultima 7 on a modern PC. I used to love playing RPGs on the computer and Ultima 6 was top of the pack. It was actually one of the first video games I ever owned.

The Ultima series on the PC was one of my favs.

However Ultima 6 had a couple of quest that I could never finish. They were a murder mystery and helping a deaf guy regain his hearing. It turns out BOTH quests CANNOT be solved in the game at all. It was just an error in the final program that the conversations for these quests were still included in the final game...


Some dude who is actually more obsessed than me actually put up his own ideas on what happened with the murder mystery. I personally think the fisherman did it.

As for Ultima 7 I had an awesome time beating the first installment of the game and using Exult I hope to finally finish it.

And Balin from the Ultima series was truly a nutcake. I always thought he was just an asshole but from the Wikipedia article it turns out he was truly insane. If you kill everyone in the world using a spell (which you can do in some Ultima games) he will inform you that he is the ultimate Nihilist and actually congratulates you for killing everyone in the I do not feel so bad about hunting that guy down in the game now.

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