Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No new Videos! -random ramble.

Yes I am planning a new video showcasing my Dreamcast collection soon...

However, stuff has been hectic at work and getting a new part time job to go along with my low paying full time job.

It's too bad I had to shave my goatee just for a part time job but it's like $20 and hour...

So yeah. I will sacrifice my facial hair for more money to buy video games.

Speaking of video games I was playing the original "Beats of Rage" for the first time the other night and it was pretty fun. The zombie level in Battletoads Beats of Rage is still my favorite though. It's fun to play the original games after trying out the homebrew.

I got a MINT copy of Final fight for the Sega CD and it acutally seems "Arcade Perfect" at least to my fuzzy memories of playing the actual arcade game in the laundry mat in college.

Ug? I dunno. I am tired as hell and I drank a protein drink, ate a nutritious "Body for Life" bar and I still want to eat REAL FOOD...I bought a bunch of healthy stuff for EXTREMELY cheap prices but it all tastes like crap. When I swam in college I used this stuff and it didn't seem this horrid. I guess thats why it was on sale.

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fatherkrishna said...

WTF? You've compromised your beard to get a job and you're living off protein shakes? What gives dude? You are the American Dreamcaster!

You should have people queuing up to give you work! LOL!