Friday, April 20, 2007

Selling some of my stuff.

Selling some of my stuff. Sorry for the crappy post.

I need some money so I am selling some of my extra stuff. After careful consideration I decided to post some of that stuff here.

Sorry to everyone who actually reads this blog for content. I will do better next week.

All prices INCLUDE shipping. If you want to throw in a buck to help out on mailing then thats up to you (If you live outside of the US throw in extra or wait for a month, your choice). I would prefer postal money orders as payment. I do NOT have a paypal account.

If you have any problems with the items not working I am selling I will refund your money or send you a replacement.

All these items were bought used so they are not in mint condition. Please email
Dreamcastguy @ to get my mailing address and tell me what you are interested in. First come first serve.


$25 - A Dreamcast with power cord, AV cord, two standard controllers and a VMU. In good condition but not mint.

$10 - Soul Calibur This disk is not in the best condition but I have never had trouble playing any of the levels and never had any skips. Manual and case included.

$7- Sonic Adventure. Disk is not in perfect condition but I have never had any problems playing the game. No Manual. No front cover.

$7 - House of the Dead 2. No manual. In clear CD case. This was a rental game so it's alittle beat up but I have never had any problems playing it.

$22 - CD wallet with 6 games (+2 extras). It's just a crappy wallet with games with no cases or manuals. Games are beat up but are in playable condition. Buncha Sequels.
-House of the Dead 2
-Fighting Force 2
-Nightmare Creatures 2
-Zombie Revenge
-NBA 2K1
-World Series Baseball 2K1
-Generator Demo Disk. (includes demo of DOA2)
- I am also throwing in a buggy version of Quake 3. This game plays but sometimes crashes to the mainmenu. I think you would be able to complete the single player game. If you are able to get someoneto clean this in a store this might work fine.


$20 - A white SONY PSONE. (Playsation 1) with a nice clear radioshack dual analog controller with rumble and a grey first party original PS controller NO analog NO Rumble. No memory card included.

$12 - Zelda, Octaria of Time N64 original version cart. No manual.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of this.

Dreamcastguy @

AND DO NOT order any of this stuff unless you really want to. I am not in dire straights by any means.


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