Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Retroactive Retro!

Well it's no secret that some bloggers think they have a monopoly on retro video games.

Some of these bloggers think they know all about finding the best in retro video games deals.

And I am not naming names here. Lets just say that some mythical height deprived humanoids, aged enjoyers of digital amusement, diehard Sega enthusiasts, European based odors, and transmutated speech patterns all seem to think that they are pretty bad ass when it comes to finding treasures of a retro nature.

Well let me tell you something...Caleb from the Hunyak blog ain't no slouch neither.

I recently found an interesting little deal in a musty local consignment shop. And I didn't have to use Ebay for it either. (And not just because some dude in Japan charged 23,000 yen on my credit card).

For $2 (Thats USD BTW) I got this:

Yes you can stop your drooling, thats the 3.5 MHz powerhouse personal computer! That's with the lighting fast CPU: Zilog Z-80 (Nicknamed the Zlogger).
With count it (No really you can open up the machine and count it) 4K RAM and CUSTOM 48-key rubber keyboard (who needs all those other pussy keys anyways...)
Oh yeah...This bad boy displays 40x25 text, 80x72 graphics, 16 colors WITH EASE...
This includes those two beatutiful space-age polymer joystick style controllers with easy to access buttons (SIX buttons to be exact) all numbered and in a neat row for ease of use.
The expander also means I could possibly expand the RAM to an AMAZING 20K!!!! Though I honestly can't say that any personal computer could ever really NEED that much raw power.
If thats not enough (and I can't believe it wasn't) I got THREE masterwork programs for this sweet system.
1. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasures of Tarmin.
2. Astro Smash
3. Snafu

That's right. Why don't you count them again...THREE games AND the Aquarius system AND the expansion pack! For $2.00!!!!!! How INSANE was the person who sold this electronic goodness!!!!?!!??!!??!
Check out that Rendered Beauty huh? Form and function meeting in one place...

Now I know that you are all jealous. Frankly I can't blame you. Some of us have the technological edge and some just don't. And select few of us are so far ahead of everyone on the previous list that you all look like ants. ANTS I TELL YOU!!!!!

Needless to say as soon as I get a 300 baud modem and 4-color printer to go with it I am going to use this mean machine for my primary computer. So be on the lookout for LOTS of frequent updates on this blog as I streamline my new tech.

And finally try not to be overpowered by my extreme awesomeness. And 1337ness. I am so 1337.

Don't be ashamed, I find it hard to do myself...


The Elderly said...

drag darn dag nabbitt darn $2 beauty.. lucky.. dag diggity darn doggone.. pah!...

The Elderly said...

(several hours later havin spoken at length to his psychotherapist elderly returns....)

a most excellent bargain, and i am most happy for you.... may i also thank you for your generous links... and while the painful memory of seeing such a rarified beauty purchased at such a price may live long in my mind, it may well be the bargain of the century......

can i play with it now?

Caleb said...

I am still playing snafu. Come back in an hour.

gnome said...

BTW, I'm not jealous. Not a bit. Hah. Haha. HAHAHAhahahahaha

(lapses into madness)


An amazing find!

fatherkrishna said...


He's mocking us Gnome! He's kicking our aged ass Elderly!

Damn he's good and he knows it...

Thank god he's on our side (I think...)

Well done Caleb! You're gonna crush us all...