Friday, April 13, 2007

Dreamcast Summer games '07 announced

This is the official announcement of the Dreamcast Summer Games for the 2007 season!

This will be an open web challenge for the first week in July. You will have to try to complete whatever challenge you want to the best of your ability in that week and email your results to me within that time period as well. Hopefully Dreamcast fans that want to compete will have at least one of the games the challenges will be based on.

Basically these challenges will be on the Dreamcast console ONLY. NO PC EMULATORS.

They will be based on certain games under certain rules...

For example :

For first of the House of the Dead 2 challenges you play a normal mode game and only chose 3 health and no continues in the options. At the screen of your death (or if you win the game -good luck with that-). You will see your total time and score. Write that down as well as where and how you got your game ended. Remember no continues. No second player. No pauses. No dual lightguns.

You must also write down your name, country, age and hardware that you used to play the game. i.e.

NTSC Dreamcast - no mods.
Madcatz standard lightgun.
-no VMU
-rumble pack
Killed by a "Chainsaw Zombie" in the XXXX area.
XX minutes XX seconds
xxxx Score

Please note that heavily hardware modded dreamcasts, such as a dreamcast that is overclocked, cannot be entered into competition. Custom controllers and rare controllers will be under consideration.

This challenge will reply HEAVILY on the honor system. This contest is for fun with no prizes so players should have NO REASON to lie about or make up scores. Please note you might have to rely on pictures or video of gameplay if your entry into the contest is under question. Everyone has a good idea what is possible and what is unlikely in most Dreamcast games. Don't be lame.

You may have multiple attempts (up to three) on one challenge but again the honor system IS IN PLACE. If you spend hours trying to get a better score that is considered cheating.

Players may choose as many or as few challenges as they want.

I have a number of challenges to throw out there, but please add your suggestions to the comments of this blog.

Thank you and good luck in July.


gnome said...

Great idea! When will we learn the games then?

Caleb said...

I am working on a list of challenges now.

Please give any suggestions that you have.


fatherkrishna said...

I'm away in July. I'll be playing Dreamcast but nowhere near a PC DOH!

fatherkrishna said...

Can't you post the game challenges and we'll get cracking straight away!? Could it not be just an ongoing challenge that you could, in your fiendishly brilliant way, display and update?

Tomleecee said...

Hmmm...Your dedication to the Dreamcast is most impressive. I could use a man like you...

gnome said...

Use him? Tom you should be ashamed...

fatherkrishna said...

So has Mr. TLC sent you an official invite then?