Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Modding your Dreamcast

How to mod your Dreamcast so it can play any region video.


What's wrong with disk swapping?

No, really. Why the hell would you risk your Dreamcast when you can get the same results from a simple disk swap?

Sheeze...some people.

Still some of you that are handy with a soldering iron might like this.


Lyris said...

Because disc swapping is a pain, Dreamcasts are cheap, and the soldering is easy even for a soldering dunce like me. Two blobs!

Caleb said...

Dude I just don't want to take the damn time dude. Plus Dreamcast's in my area in Northern NY are going up in price.

...unless you want to play a EU or JP version of a Dreamcast game that has multiple disks I just cannot deal with it.

If you do want to make a Dreamcast in your collection region free or PAL or something then go ahead. You are a better man than I.

Anonymous said...

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