Saturday, June 28, 2008

A note about my last rant. (Wanted)

I don't want to contribute to Internet hate. I really don't.

I have not seen "Wanted" yet and maybe it will turn out to be good movie.

Also, I want to stress that I am not looking for a frame by frame adaptation of the graphic novel.

However, I also want to try to express my disappointment about the HUGE changes made in the plot.

The WHOLE PLOT of the graphic novel revolved around villains in a super hero universe banding together to beat all the heroes and take over the planet. I loved this plot because I always connected to the villains in comic books and graphic novels rather than the heroes. The graphic novel was the sort of thing I would create in my imagination when I was 12 after reading a comic book. (If only the villain had done this or worked together with this villian he could have gotten away scot free)

If you take away the superhero universe because of potential legal problems then you take away what makes the graphic novel special. You take away what made the story special.

So yeah, I suppose printed media is your best shot if you want a real story.

So go read the graphic novel "Wanted".

I dunno if the movie is going to be any good.

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