Friday, June 06, 2008


Is it wrong to like music videos featuring foreign singers dressed up in burlesque style costumes? it's not.

If this would have been in English I don't know if I would have liked it as much.

I am glad the Burlesque look is coming back. Those were the days when everyone wore HATS. And hats are friggen awesome. Everything would be better if everyone wore hats again...

Nowadays nobody wears hats except lower class hicks with baseball caps (I don't like Baseball caps at all) or cowboys. WTF happened to fedoras? AZ took (borrowed) mine. I have nice Austrian leather hat as well as black felt on that kinda looks like an Amish hat. Everyone should wear hats again.

Anyways back to T.a.t.u.

When the skank Britney Spears came out with her first music video she dressed up as a Catholic schoolgirl and really pissed some people off. I made a prediction at that point that soon we would have a music video featuring young female singers dressed up as Catholic school girls who would then kiss each other during the course of the video. Not only that but I predicted that they would be much better singers than B.S. (get it? B.S. Britney Spears? Good one Caleb...) But that part of my prediction wasn't all that hard since most pop stars singing ability is a joke.

Fast Forward a couple of years and that EXACT scenario happened. I was so pissed I never wrote that down.

Then of course there was "controversy" about Tatu and people saying that they weren't really into each other.

WHO CARES? It's entertainment. This bullshit way most people look at the world just makes me angry. Stop providing the paparazi with a job. Stop looking into EVERY facet of the singers and actors you like. Just stop.

It's just entertainment. Enjoy it or don't.

Don't get me wrong I normally like my music angry and loud. In fact lately I have been listening to alot of punk/Grunge genre music. I don't know if I would ever buy their whole album or anything but I might buy a couple of songs.

I would never buy English Pop Music. Does liking foreign Pop Music make me a hypocrite?

No more than most I assume.

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mikey4u1984 said...

I love tatu, specially the cool techno song "Robot".