Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Last "Wanted" Post.

Yeah so I saw the movie yesterday do to my lack of air conditioning.

It had NOTHING to do with the graphic novel.

The movie itself was rather cool and the very few scenes that were from the graphic novel were great.

Other than that it was a completely different story with different themes.

It's a nice looking movie and it has a lot of flash. It's like they wanted to do a real adaptation but then someone who was funding the movie decided to make sure that Marvel and DC couldn't sue so they changed the entire story.

The story is LAME. Lame, Lame, Lame. The whole plot involving how the guild of assassins chose their victims is beyond stupid. In the graphic novel the main character made friends despite being surrounded by traditionally evil people and he found out that there are certain layers to evil and he ended up battling the more chaotic "evil" people that just wanted to destroy the whole world for fun instead of ruling it behind the scenes. In the movie version he basically just kills everyone. For some reason ALL the assassins deserve to die and he kills them all. There are no layers of evil here. No lawful conquering evil VS self destructing chaotic evil. No real plot. Just a shoddy plot device that makes very little sense and pretty much goes against what made the graphic novel great. LAME

The acting was pretty good.

The action was superb. This was an action movie. Lots of gun porn. VINTAGE gun porn even.

All in all this movie is a great $2.50 rental. I wouldn't bother buying the DVD. Watch it in the theater only if you happen to have no air conditioning and are in the mood for some mindless action.

This movie shouldn't have been called "Wanted". It's a great shoot'em up action flick but had nothing of what made the comic so special.

They had all the money, stars, special effects and promotion to do a REAL adaptation of "Wanted".

This is not it.

The mainstream media chickened out again since we live in a litigious world where decisions are made solely on whether or not you *might* get sued.

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