Monday, June 23, 2008

The Strange Way MY Life Works.

1. Watched a trailer for "Wanted" on TV. Angela J looks nice and tattooed up. But then I get pissed off when I realize that they dropped the whole "planet full of super villains with no super heroes" theme. They replaced the awesome original plot with some lame "guild of assassins" thing. No mention of super villains. I was disappointed. It does get me thinking about the original comic and how I need to score a copy of it.

2. Take Steel Head Trout and two sliced of bread to work. Forget to take any dressing.

3. Look in fridge and see a container of Washbi mayo.

4. Remember in the graphic Novel of "Wanted" the main character orders a fish sandwich with Wasabi Mayo. (I think it was salmon).

5. Made my trout sandwich with Wasabi Mayo.

6. One of the best fish sandwich's I ever ate...Awesome.

So in retrospect Wasabi Mayo IS really good on fish sandwiches and I would had never tried it if I didn't happen to see that trailer.

Boring? Yes well I didn't get much sleep last night.

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