Saturday, June 28, 2008

Once again copywritten ideas ruin a good movie (WANTED)

Such a damn shame.

"Millar: I was when I saw an early draft of the script, before Timur came on board. The super-powers were removed and the whole thing was a very straight crime story. The producers felt we could have legal problems with the super-villain stuff in the book as so much was analogous of Marvel and DC characters and history, but Timur came up with an interesting way of giving the killers powers again. Once he was onboard I knew the property was safe. He just absolutely got it and kept about 70% of the book. There's a lot of new stuff he came up with for the middle act, but the first hour and the last half hour is the same as the book for the most part. And the changes make it better."

So basically that means they couldn't make a REAL film adaptation of "Wanted" because it *MIGHT* piss off Marvel and DC. A bunch of Hollywood execs didn't have enough balls to do the real movie and paid the original creators enough money to bastardize their creation. It's getting to be that print media is just about the only truly free medium left.

The whole friggen point of the comic was that the super villains win. Without the comic book style heroes and villains there is actually not that much of an awesome factor.

I will probably go see the movie. I just don't know if it's going to come close to how good the comic was.

It just sucks. Half the people in Hollywood should grow a freaking backbone and do something without worrying about the repercussions all the time. The other half needs to stop being paid off and make their decisions based on making quality media and not money.

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