Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yeah. So.

Well shit man. I have tried to get pictures of the games I bought and tried to get a blog up but it has been hard as hell.

I have been working my ass off at the two jobs and getting my resume updated and trying to get into the placement center of my old college. So the Hunyak blog has been put on hold for awhile.

And my cat decided to blast my jacket when I hung it up down cellar. If you have not had the honor of of having your stuff "marked" by a cat please take note: If the ENTIRE side of your cool polar-tek jacket is stiff as a board do NOT put it on.

In his defence I DID pet another cat in a bookstore when I was wearing that jacket so I guess he just wanted to remind me that I am only supposed to pet ONE cat, him.

In other news fatherkrishna put up a punks and nerds webcomic on the dreamcast junkyard blog that I had featured in my blog. Such an honor. I will have to light an extra incense burner at my Segata Sanshiro shrine tonight. It's a shame he didn't repost this classic...

Right click and open in new window.

Yeah as for new "Cool stuff" thing I have to offer is a list of the used merch. I scored from the local Salvation Army, Used shop, crooked pawn shop, comic book store and opium dens around town. I will arrange by console.


These are the games that I got 2 per game case for $3.00 each.

Mr Bones - Side scroller! Score! This game looks Hella fun. I had trouble with the first level though. It is a two disk swapping game which makes it a first for my Saturn. It looks AWESOME.

According to Wikipedia this little know Saturn game is quote: "one of the Saturn's most technologically advanced games"

Also the storyline:

"A dead blues musician, Mr. Bones, was mistakenly buried in a cemetery full of criminals. The evil Da Goulian, not knowing this, brought the entire graveyard to life. He is quickly pointed out by a nearby skeleton, and they are ordered to catch him."

I don't know about that but this is the kind of game that Saturn was SUPPOSED to be made for! Side scrolling goodness!

Crimewave- Vehicles, guns and missiles? GTA for Saturn?

Die Hard trilogy - Crappy Bruce Willis audio!

Maximum Force: Pull the Trigger - crappy Arcade translation shooter. Live action actors -AGAIN! Kind of like Area 51 - except without all the good stuff like aliens and zombies...

Note: since I got these games two in a case I only got the cases for Crimewave and Maximum Force. All disk were in decent condition though.

Got for 1.50 a week later on reduced sale...

Hangon GP '95 - Have not played it yet - looks alot like a hang one game I played on the computer...

VR Soccer - Have not played it yet.


Like NEW PS one - tiny version with controller memory card and all cables for $9. -used shop. Nice... I will enjoy FINALLY finishing FF7 and Crono Cross on this. It reminds me of the...


Sonic Adventure - 2.99 Wow! Who knew a whale could be so bad ass? A bad copy of the game, the cutscenes and some audio seem messed up...Still playable. Will have to be my crap copy if I ever get a good one.

Maken-X - 3.99 "Jackinto" other people...hahaah! Shoved in a genesis case but has intructions and CD cover on front. - Blockbuster rental copy I would good condition.

Ooga Booga - 2.99 Looks fun if I ever get 3 other people to play it with me.

Disney's Dinosaur - 2.99 Suckarse...but a DC game...(I made it past the fire!)

Ripping Rider - 2.99 Snow boarding for the bored.

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX - 2.99 I hope it's about vampire dragons. *fingers crossed*

Re-Volt - 2.99 Control radio controlled cars without the hassel of going outside.


A fully functional NES system with two controllers, power cable and RF connector

+ Star Tropics - 8.99!!!!!!!!!!!! Salvation Army score! These are going for $60.00 in the local crooked pawn shop!

All in all a nice haul for January and the beginning of Feb. I will have more info soon! I am working on a few projects including my local access cable show and online video blog as well as regular work and better job hunting.



fatherkrishna said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! and WOW! again!

Holy games collection Batman!!

I've always known you had skills Caleb, but now you're just flaunting them!!

That is one mighty haul dude!

I'm beginning to imagine you live in a world where normal game collection rules do not apply!

In my mind I've got you living in some kind of South Park wilderness, where between snow and pine trees there are gamecrazy stores and salvation army goodwills that just give you all the video game stuff you wish for!!!


Do not get caught up in my current situation where you have more games than you can ever play!!!

There is no point! Like right now, I've had RE CV for yrars, never played for years and now I'm stuck!!

Great blog BTW!! keep it going!

Big love FK

Caleb said...

Dude you like in the UK where you can still buy Shemnue 2 for like $60 american...that pisses me off.

I just stop by all the used shops on my way home from work. I don't get much some months, other times like at the end of Christmas people just want to sell or get rid of their old stuff because they got new consoles.

Some guy probably dumped the NES since he got a Wii...

Same with the dreamcast stuff.

Christopher said...

I got startropics for $5 :)