Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Need to get into the "Dreamcast Mood"?


fatherkrishna said...

Caleb! You know if I did need to get in the DC mood, this would seal the deal!!!

However, this great compilation video only confirms to me that you and I know something the rest of the gaming world seems to have missed out on.

Lets get down to basics my brother... Are you not tempted by any of these next gen babies?

There is something that appeals to me these days that would like to be commenting on current titles...

Not just catching up on stuff that other people played a while ago...

Is this a sacreligious statement?

Am I getting sucked in to the world of the Wii/360?

The one fact I know about being a retro gamer is the 'benefit of hindsight'...

I'm never going to be sucked into the hype of a 'new' game...

Caleb said...

I REFUSE to pay full price for ANYTHING. Let alone video games.

I played Wii at a party and I think it's keen and all but I don't have a burning desire to have it. I already have awesome systems and a growing collection of cool games. As for X-box 360 all the games I would want to play on it I can play on my PC. (I lready got Fear on sale for 15.99) And there have been NO games for it that I REALLY want.

...Now if later down the road I find one of these systems for a good price then yes I might buy it.

Or if god forbid I ever get hooked by a game release and HAVE TO play it...but I still won't pay full price for new system.

The only one that tempts me alittle is the DS which has FF3 on it. (But now I can play the original Japanese FF3 with an English sub on my dreamcast!)

I guess I just can't justify spending money on games I KNOW will go down in price when I can pick up retro stuff for a cheap price that I KNOW will only go up in price.

For example the NES I picked up at salvation army is selling for $60 at the local pawn shop. That means that they would pay 1/3 that price for one, i.e. $20. I could get more than DOUBLE my money back for the NES. And that number will only go up if I sold it on ebay.

Or I could buy a Wii for $250 and download NES games for $5 each and then play those. And not get anywhere near that much money back for a used Wii.


And I am a solitary person in crap wilderness now...No proper lines for internet connection or anyone nearbye to multi-play.

As far as I am concerned single player games have not come as far as multiplayer ones.

For my money the PC I purchased was well worth it. I can play games and edit video and stuff.

I have no need of "new" consoles (Which are untested) until something truly awesome comes out or I can get a system UNDER $100. That has always been my way.

Now PRAY that I don't report you to the Retro Gamer PD and have your retro game creds destroyed.