Monday, February 26, 2007

Alice Dreams

I always like gory manly games that include killing demons, zombies and aliens. Half Life, Blood, Quake, the Resident Evil series, Soul Reaver, House of the Dead 2, VtM, FEAR, diablo, and many others.. I like those games. I really do.

But I have a deep dark secret...

...not all my video game favorites are filled with bloodsoaked carnage.

I love point and click adventures when they are mixed with other game genres. For example I loved the Quest for Glory series because it mixed point and click with RPG.

If you too hold a love of games like this in your heart, check out the demo of the homebrew game Alice Dreams.

Yes the game title is pink...I still hold onto my hardcore gaming creds though since it's damn cool little game IMHO.

It's point and click with elements of side scrolling and has a bomberman type bonus game.

It's looking pretty awesome. I played through the first level and I really like it. Reminds me alot of Kings Quest and Quest for Glory. This game will be kick ass once it's done!

Here's a code to unlock the bonus games in the main menu.

Hit : Y X Y X Y Y Y for the bonus stage 1 X Y X Y X X X for the bonus stage 2 Enter in the "stage game" Menu.

The main menu doesn't look like a main menu in the game. It's Alice's room. Click around to choose different options. For example you can turn off voices in game by clicking on the stereo or click the poster to change the difficulty level.

Here is the quick and easy guid how to burn the ISO .cdi file onto a CD. If you use the Bootdreams method you can just pop it into your dreamcast and run it. Remember the CDI burning icon is to the far right. You don't want to MAKE a .cdi if you download a ready made one ISO .cdi like the Alice demo. You just need to burn it.

The only problem people seem to have is if the Bootdreams program does not recognize their drive. Then just follow the instructions (inlcuded above) and get it to work.

Then go to and try out a bunch of other cool dreamcast stuff.
One note though. Sometimes on my dreamcast the disks I use will refuse to load up. Usually even a badly burned disk WILL boot up on the third try. So if your disk doesn't load, try try again. You might have to burn another disk, but atl least you will know that your CD isn't totally crap. Try burning at the lowest speed and using a better CD-R.


fatherkrishna said...

Looks good to me mate...

I'm just poor at ITC stuff... even my humble blogs have pushed me to the limits of my computer ability, but I'm gonna give downloading and burning a go...

Anonymous said...

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