Friday, February 02, 2007

This is America?

Looks like those guys at Adult Swim have decided to treat the matter like a joke. Which is what it is. Fucking moron authority figures in Boston...

Those fucking light bright signs were up for like 3 weeks!

Goddamn losers dropped the ball on this one and they won't admit it.


fatherkrishna said...

Father Krishna stands mouth agape... I knew nothing about this.
I don't know if it made the mainstream news in the UK.

These guys are like cultural heroes to me. I had heard of the movie but knew nothing of the item you posted. Now I will make a point of seeing the movie and following the story...

And talking about hair cuts... (LOL!)

Caleb said...

It's so awesome that they decided to treat the thing as a joke.

The crime they commmitted are punished by a fine not threats of YEARS in jail.

By trying to fucking act like this is a serious offence and using laws that protect us from REAL terrorists the authorities in Boston have shown what morons they are.

I am happy to say things have not gotten this bad in NY state yet.