Friday, February 23, 2007

Dreamcast? Meet your d00m


Doom for Dreamast.
Or...nxdoom for dreamcast to be exact...Get the latest version here...
It's pretty damn kick ass. The sfx are there but the midi music you have to install are a bit crappy.

It supports keyboard AND mouse though so you can party like it's 1994 once again!

Holy crap. At this rate I will be playing more homebrew games than regular dreamcast games!!!!!!!
If you have the collectors edition of doom like I do you can use Bootdreams to burn a self boot copy of all the versions of this awesome game. Just jam those .wad files into a folder along with the midi files and burn.

The Dreamcast has not seen so much digital blood! (except when I played HotD2, RE, Illbleed, The Ring, Blue Stinger, Quake, Quake 3, Unreal T, Legend of Kain Soul Reaver, Shadow man, D2...HOLY CRAP! WHo says Dreamcast was a pussy system!?!?!?! Look at all these violent games!!!!


fatherkrishna said...

Ill Bleed! D2! Damn I want those games!

BTW will compile a full list of my DC games this WKD...

It's great to have you on the Planet DC Forum! Lets kick the shit up on that place!

gnome said...

Now, Caleb, that was an amazing find. At last, Doom for the DC. Surely loading times won't be preposterous a la Half Life.

Great post. Thanks.

BTW, dear FK, I know the list will be shckingly huge, won't it?

Caleb said...

Actually the load times to start up Doom are really long!!!

Once you get into a specific Doom Doom mod, ie Doom2 TNT or whatever its wicked fast.

But when you first start up it takes awhile.