Wednesday, February 07, 2007

D-2 Dreamcast Intro video - Japanese version


fatherkrishna said...

WOW! I don't check in here often enough!!!

More horror survival RPGs??

I don't even know this title!

The intro seems pretty far out! Especially while you are snowed in and all...

BTW! I picked up five HOTD2 PC ports for a pound each the other day...

Send me your postal adress and I'll
mail you one!

T'would be an honour and your correspondence is deserving of a postal gift! It's a DC classic on your PC. I bought five copies and now don't know what to do with my four spare copies...

I think we could play online as well...

If you want I would love to send you one! Plus YES! I did get a DC boxed up controller for 99p!!!

Caleb said...

As soon as I get my PO box troubles at the post office straightened out I will give you my new address. Hell i will pay for the damn postage!

You USED to be able to download it from the underdogs site. I played the first House of the Dead on my PC and it was awesome!

But since then they have taken House of the Dead off and make you try to buy an nonexistant version...They still have some nice games though.

As for D2, the gameplay is only good during boss fights and killing rabbits and moose for food. Other than that the story and the cutscenes are AWESOME IMHO.

But the Japanese version had nudity as well as the infamous "tentacle in the mouth" scene. The US version is still ok though.