Saturday, April 04, 2009

Shopping at smaller stores makes sense...

So I dropped in at the locally owned grocery store for some lunch items today and I got a pleasant surprise.

I got a third of a pound of provolone cheese and the lady at the deli threw in the foot (The last inch or so) of the leftover loaf for free! It was probably the same weight as the cheese I bought.

This was a big deal for me because when I worked at a deli the manager used to make me save all the "feet" for "mixed" subs. (Truly horrible things those were. A good mixed meat sandwich is fine but sometimes the variety of things leftover didn't mix well. One of my fellow employees took fiendish delight in making horrible concoctions including Head Cheese and Prosciutto with low class honey ham and rank American cheese. [no one should ever eat American cheese] I can only feel sympathy for the customer who bit into that mess.)

So yeah. You would NEVER get treatment like that at the corporate grocery stores.

In these times it's the little things that will bring in the customers.


gnome said...

American cheese? What an absurd idea!

Caleb said...

It's actually just heavily processed Cheddar Cheese gnome.

The people who "invented" it must have just been pissed off that most of the good cheeses had already been invented.

Actually after some research:

We actually did invent Monterey Jack cheese AND Colby cheese.

Why can't we call Colby Jack (an excellent marbled mix of the two) "American Cheese".

That would be an American cheese we could be Proud of!

Colby Jack is great! We don't need that crappy processed stuff!