Friday, April 10, 2009

Cadbury Eggs and stuff.

I found out today that the UK's Cadbury Eggs have actual creme in them. All we Americans get is powdered milk. Plus they have better quality chocolate...

They have been making them smaller over the years. Skip to the end of this clip.

I only ate two last year.

It kinda sucks that most of the food produced in America is really lower quality and processed more than in other parts of the world.

Even the seasonal candy!!!

If it wasn't for local growers of produce and meat we wouldn't have anything decent to eat in this country. Cook your own damn food. It's better in every way!

In any case everyone have a Good Friday!

(get it?)

I never understood how the heck it became "good" friday what with all those bible passages where Jesus was screaming "why have you forsaken me" and getting stabbed by spears and stuff (In other versions he seemed much calmer but I attribute this to PR. Personally, if I was being crucified I would vocalize questions about God forsaking me). Yes it's nice that he died for our sins and managed to get out of that cave eventually but calling the day "good" seems sort of callous to the personal agony the guy went through.

But of course we can't call the holiday "The day that we betrayed, ridiculed, tortured and eventually killed Jesus". That would look horrible on a Calendar.

Perhaps it could be "Don't worry he came back on Sunday" Day.

In any case there should be a ruling against the whole "Easter Bunny" thing.

The quaint Germanic pagan theme (which face it originally probably had something to do with how lovely dead sacrificed rabbits taste with herb broth) has really been warped by my fellow Americans into something horrible and gaudy. We just don't need it.

We already have the deal where a guy comes back to life! How much more do you want!!?!??!?!?

We don't need ANOTHER mythological figure giving treats to all the good boys and girls. We have had too many treats in this country as is.


Speaking of that I am going to track down a Cadbury Egg.

You know.

Just to test the quality.

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