Friday, April 24, 2009

How does anyone draw in MS paint???

Lately I have been looking at art that people have made in MS paint. As a great fan of minimalist art creators I tried to do the same thing.

I managed to bang this out in about 45 seconds.
It's got the same "everyone looks like a mannequin" feel as my normal pencil doodlings but there is much less control involved. You can whip up stuff quickly though.

However after that I didn't see the damn point of working on it anymore. I mean with a pencil or in photoshop it's just so damn easy to blend and erase stuff.

Paint is a nice program but I can't see trying to use it for drawing. Unless you are trying to impress someone or something.


fatherkrishna said...

I can't see it! I'm looking through Firefox... My son uses Paint all the time... He's pretty adept with it ( for an 11 year old!)

fatherkrishna said...

Now I see it! Did you use the magnifying tool for the fine details?

Caleb said...

No that is just a 45 second sketch.

All I used was the pencil tool.

I guess if you REALLY want to draw well on paint you could use the magnification tool.

I think most people draw on paper and scan it into the computer. Then they edit it using various programs.

Or they use a tablet that allows them to "draw" on a program using a stylus.

gnome said...

Actually it's quite nice. And Paint has a very distinctive style too apparently. Oh, oh, and imposing artistic limitations can always lead to interesting results.

TheLastDreamer said...

I draw in MS Paint. Its the only software tool that I know to draw in. Never used Photoshop or illustrator or dreamweaver but would love to learn how to use them :)