Thursday, April 16, 2009

Minerva: Metastasis

Minerva: Metastasis.

If you have Half Life 2...


It is GREAT!

Even though I do not have Internet access at home I was still able to play it in Steam in Offline mode! (I downloaded it from work and carried it in a flash drive home.)

It really reminds me how people made some awesome mods for the original Half Life. (They Hunger, Heart of Evil...ect)

It takes all the traditional elements from Half Life 2 and mixes them up with some very well developed environments.

Plus there is a plot!

Do yourself a favor. Play it.

I know I was still hungry for some Half Life action after beating all the single player stuff in the Orange Box.

I played a huge chunk of it last night and I am not even a quarter of the way through!!!!

And the series is not even done yet!

Did I happen to mention that only ONE PERSON created this fun game?


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fatherkrishna said...

Tell me why I should play the orange box! I only got half way through Half Life on the Dreamcast before I got bored...