Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The White Chamber

The White chamber is a NICE game. I had it downloaded on my computer for a long time and never played it. But last night I installed it and I played it all the way through!
It's classic point and click with a decent horror story. A lot of the game is collecting items and figuring out the best way to use them. There are a few "action" segments of the game where you have to quickly tap the mouse or click on the right thing to avoid gristly death. Sometimes the game gets very surreal and you think you are stuck only to walk into a room and find something that was not there before. Other times the rooms change into hellish versions of themselves. So if you happen to get stuck in the game make sure you double check rooms you were just in and look for things that appear out of nowhere. The ending caught me off guard but worked. There are 8 ways to end the game. I got the "redemption" ending which somehow features the female lead in a bikini...

All in all it's a great little game with interesting art. If you like old school point and click games and space horror you should check this out. Short and Sweet.

Best of all it's Free! It was made by a gathering of university students as a way to display their talents.


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