Thursday, May 22, 2008

A few quick thoughts about Snatcher for the Sega CD.

Snatcher is pretty nice. Interesting bladerunner style plot intermixed with awesome little shooting segments that work well with a common controller. Overall it's simply a masterpiece.

Finding a backup copy that will work on an actual Sega CD system is a chore. All of the copies I originally found were THE SAME ONE. And that one had been formatted to ONLY run on an emulator. It will "sort of" run on an actual console but then it will have no sound in spots and freeze up. That's because people encoded the music to .mp3 format and never made a cue sheet so the image could be correctly burned onto a CDR. So it will ONLY work on an emulator properly. That's lame as hell.

If you happen to look towards the "canines who are low" site you will find the makings for a working copy.

It's the same version as the others that are floating around but there is a separate download for a small .cue file and instructions on how to reformat the .mp3 files into .wav files. Once you change the .mp3 files to .wav files just put the .iso, .cue files and the new wave files into the same folder and run an image burning software on the .cue file.

Now you have a copy that will work on a Sega CD console. The one I made works perfectly. So awesome!

I am somewhat upset at people who use "backups" on an emulated system. If you REALLY like the games you should get the actual hardware. Sure emulators are OK but backups are only legal if you have the ACTUAL system and game. So making "backups" that WILL NOT RUN on an actual console without major tinkering is stupid.

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The GagaMan(n) said...

I have this game currently sitting on my GP2X ready for when I have time to try it out. That Mega drive emulator for it can really do wonders, it can even run Virtua Racing now. I'd love to own a proper copy of this game but I'd have to be pretty lucky to find it for a reasonable price!