Monday, May 12, 2008

Got some new games and Ordering new books for library.

Went back to the North Country for a bit and picked up some good deals.

I got Shinobi, Star Wars Battlefront 1+2 AND Chronicles of Riddick PC all for $3.00 Each!!!

No cases or manuals but these were not your Standard disks...MINT condition.

There was this guy who collected EVERYTHING and somehow the pawn shop got the bid to clean out his home. I looked through the piles of stuff he had. NUTS! This guy musta have had like EVERY system known to man. Including import stuff! Not to mention DVDs and books. I have alot of video game stuff..but holy NEAR the amount of stuff this dude collected. Not too much Sega Stuff to my dissapointment.

However, I didn't have alot of money so I grabbed a few cool things and left the rest.

Hmm I think the only other stuff I grabbed was an Evil Dead 2 DVD and Zelda 4 swords for the Gamecube.

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