Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Myths of the Mind

I knew many of these were myths.


The psychology one sort of made me upset. Psychology is highly over-rated in our culture and ALOT of it IS common sense. Much of the field is bullshit as well. Some of the most screwed up people I have ever known have gone into that "science". This is a system that went from drilling holes in people's heads to shutting down every major facility for the care of the mentally ill. So now in America the vast majority of the extremely mentally ill just live where ever they want. They wander our streets instead of living in a place where they can be safe and cared for. And who decided this? Psychologists. Now they work on normal people and ignore the growing insane homeless population and veterans. Instead of doing a service to society they tell society that they are crazy and need to pay them money. They have made a mockery of medication that should have been left in the hands of real doctors. Now parents are afraid to give their kids medication because psychologists over-prescribed meds to too many teens.

Who really knows how much guesswork is involved with this field? It's too bad the only people truly against it are wack-jobs and scientologists (Same thing but organized into a cult).

But I agree with the myth though. Psychology is not common sense. You can generally depend on common sense.

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