Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lackadaisy webcomic review.

OK so normally I do not go for art that has animals walking around like people.

Really the Egyptians did it and that was fine and all but it seems like nowadays people take it WAY too far. Honestly, some of it is only a step above furries ( I won't even go into how messed up that stuff is).

Take a gander at Lackadaisy...It's a comic set in the gangster era of the roaring twenties right near the end when the depression starts creeping up on everyone and the crime world becomes more violent. All the characters are dressed in period clothing and everything is historically accurate...

...and all the characters happen to be cats.

But this does NOT take away from the story or setting! The cat-characters sometimes have interesting expressions on their faces which in all honesty crack me up. That's pretty much it. Besides that they act just like the alcohol providers of the 20s.

The only way I can describe this comic is to imagine if Disney made a movie about gangster cats during the 1920s, but left in all the violence.

The main draw for me is one of the main characters who seems like the sweetest little kitten ever until he gets near guns. Then he goes bat shit crazy.



Another example there is this touching scene where two hitmen are taking a guy for a ride (not the nice kind of ride either).


Holy Crap! Did they just kill that guy and leave him in the cornfield? You bet they did.

Or this scene where Rocky sets a farm on fire and laughs maniacally.


Overall this comic has quite a gimmick going and I can't wait to see what comes next.


gnome said...

Is niiiiice... Try this one too:


Caleb said...


Throw yourself to the Koala Bears!!! Muahahahaha

gnome said...

I see you enjoyed it... nice...