Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jeffererson Bible prompts fascinating debate.

Amazing really.

The bible is such an interesting collection of books. It's sad that "true believers" in this country really don't know that much about it and atheist minded people dismiss it out of hand.

The Jefferson Bible book prompted some interesting mini-debates in Digg.

The "Jefferson Bible" is basically a bible that he cut up and pasted together again omitting the miracles and keeping the moral lessons (he was a Deist).

That prompted this comment:

"I wonder if he included Revelation 22:19: "And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.""

That in turn prompted the following comments:

"Too bad plenty of words have already been taken away due to multiple translations."

"This passage refers to the book of Revelation. Revelation was written in 96 AD, while the Council of Nicaea put the Canon (the Bible) together in 325 AD. The writer of Revelation had no clue that his letter would be included in the Canon (or that there would even be a Canonizing) , and therefore was not referring to the rest of the Bible."

"You guys beat me to it but you are correct - that passage refers ONLY to the Book of Revelations. The New Testament itself is a collection of writings by different authors selected by a counsel of religious elders (not God). The Bible in essence is basically like a "Reader's Digest" of early Christian writings, prophesies and gospels that were deemed to be divinely inspired by the elders of the early Church."

Lol at the Bible being called a "Readers Digest" because honestly that's pretty much what it is.

Someone else tried to pull out another quote pertaining to not changing the Bible which others noted was clearly aimed at Moses and the Ten Commandments not the Bible which was put together a good deal later.'s somewhat sad how some people view the Bible. It's NOT the actual physical word of God. It's something HUMAN BEINGS actually wrote down. And Human Beings can easily twist things around for their own benefit and make mistakes. Especially when you consider how many changes and translations that book has gone through.

Do we really want to miss out on the real moral messages of the book though?

Jefferson tried to make sense of the thing in his own way and edited it. Nowadays, people recoil from that because they put the value of a physical book over the ACTUAL IDEAS that are in that book. The vast majority of ignorant people in the USA who say they cling to traditional values of this country and religion know very little about the founders of this country and the book they worship as the divine truth.

Isn't that sad?

Isn't that a huge step back?

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