Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guy Applies for 300 jobs. Gets 8 interviews.


Well. That sucked for him.

This makes me feel a bit better about the 100 or so resumes I sent out.

Hmm...let me consider some of my work experience.

The first real job I had was managing my own food stand at a softball diamond. Not food inspectors or anything like that. Good times.

Then I got a lifeguard and Water safety Instructor gig. I was good at teaching kids how to swim and telling people to stay safe.

I know for a FACT that I didn't get a low paying job in the food industry because I was over-qualified as soon as they find out you went to college it's a no-good.

If it wasn't for a personal contact I never would have got my assistant manager gig at that gas station chain. ( I never got a raise. People doing less work than me got paid $3 more per hour than I did. At the time I wanted to blame the Female management but now I assume it was mostly because I had a college degree.)

I had to lie to people and say that someone else was going to hire me to get the Deli job.

I just got lucky with my Officemax job. I think the management heard the desperation in my voice.

I lied on my resume to get the TV production job (omitted masters degree)

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