Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kid from Nirvana Cover Wishes it was the 90s

"These days, Elden says, his peers concentrate on "playing Rock Band on Xbox, like, that's not a real band! That's the difference between the '90s and kids nowadays; kids in the '90s would actually go out and make a [real] band!""

Yeah. The 90's were pretty kick ass.

Every time I try to tell someone that though they just focus on all the negative crap that went on there. Like pop music and shit. You know what? Pop music was bad back then but at least there wasn't a freaking INDUSTRY setup to promote underage Disney stars. Yeah we had one or two back in the 90's. But it wasn't as bad as today.

There was more cool music on the radio.

I think overall people have a lot more excuses about how they live their lives today.


mikey said...

How would he know what it was like, he was a baby?

The GagaMan(n) said...

It was, though, we just didn't notice so much because we're more bitter now.

Caleb said...

I dunno Mikey I guess he knows that kids used to create garage bands instead of playing video games.

Caleb said...

On a lighter note I really think we are heading into a better time now.

There is better music popping up here and there and people are starting to wake up from the stupor that was the latest decade.