Monday, July 21, 2008

Beer fest! Burlington VT.

I am going to take some pics soon of all my new stuff I got at garage sales.

However, I had to work today because everyone called in sick. PLUS I went to Vermont this weekend to Beerfest!

Mirco Breweries!

So much awesome beer.

I drank Stout, ale, lager, red, wheat, Lots.

So awesome. There are so many kinds of beer with awesome names.

My personal favorite was a Gruit that had a real herbal/medicinal taste to it.

There was also a beer that had a French name from Quebec that was a rye beer with peppercorn in it. It was called Diablo something it was interesting.

There was cherry wheat beer at that booth that tasted so sweet and mild.

It was a pretty awesome day.

The only problem was the sun. It was so hot and there was not a lot of shade set up.

I was sweating so much I never had to take a restroom break.

I got a stone coast beer glass and you get to keep your sample glass.

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