Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Shopgoodwill.com already infested...

It seems like whenever I find something good on the Internet it is soon gone.

Such is the case with shopgoodwill .com.

You don't need to use credit card info to shop online there. They *used* to have good deals.

I never knew about it before and now that the countless hordes from Kotaku know about that site all the prices for video games have gone SKY HIGH.

I suppose it's good for Goodwill and all but it sucks that the prices there are rivaling Ebay's.

I am going to try to low bid on some of the cooler items but I am not filled with hope...

It's like ebay and craigslist. People willing to spend way too much money are ruining it for all of us.

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cinderbaron said...

quit whining...it's "infested" with people who don't work at Best Buy for $8 an hour. I want all kinds of shit on there, but hey some people have more money and/or want it more I guess. Oh well. Go to yard sales, they're still cheap, or the goodwill store itself...you are allowed to be in places other than Best Buy, your computer chair, and Taco Bell.