Monday, March 10, 2008

Are board games "cool" again.

I really only got into chess a bit when I was younger.

I never got into checkers.

However, my boss at the library I work at just told me that he had a lot of interest from kids and young adults in board games like checkers and chess.


Did I miss something?

Younger kids today seem to be all about racism and board games. Are we just raising up another group of Depression age era youngsters from the 1930s?

In any case we might be considering buying a "Wii" for the library.

I dunno how that is going to work out. Besides people stealing crap I dunno how much interest people are going to have. Playing Wii games in nursing homes and libraries seems like kinda a fad to me...


gnome said...

Board games have always been cool. really. Have a look at the recently released Kriegspiel online version. It's identical to Guy De Bord's game!

mikey4u said...

WHat ever happend to the layed back generation of the mid 90's?