Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Job...not doing much else. No cable.

Well not much happening for video game or media stuff this week.

My new job is interesting.

Alot of people are talking about bringing video games to the library. That will be interesting.

Besides that I won a Game Gear with a Master Gear converter on it on the Shopgoodwill website. It included 12 games. One of them is the original Shinobi which I always wanted to play.

I still have not done that video I wanted to to do about playing Playstation 1 games on a GameGear using the TV Tuner in my car.

The TV tuner is actually pretty bad ass. I can watch picture perfect broadcast TV on it. I will feel bad in 2009 when there are no more analog transmitters...I can't believe I got it for .50 cents at a thrift store. That's just so sweet. I wish I had that thing when I was in high school. I would have been cool as hell.

Speaking of TV I have no cable at my new apartment and with all the taxes (FU IRS), car upkeep and a bunch of other one time expenses I incurred while moving.

I find that I do not miss cable all that much. I can still watch broadcast TV for free. Lost is the only show I am following and I can still watch that.

I have to screw around with the bunny ears to make the thing work.

I just can't justify spending money on TV I suppose. I have been watching some TV shows on DVD lately. I got some full Buffy the Vampire seasons that I have been watching. It's amazing that got them so cheap since they seem to be a collectors item now. That show was pretty funny in some spots. I am almost loath to allow other people know that I happen to like it though, because the fans are a bit rabid.

I have been cooking alot lately and in fact I have not eaten out in about a month and a half. I did eat a sub at quiznos... But besides that I have been making all my own food. I seem to be eating healthier. When I make my own lunch I always pack like 2 pieces of fruit and I try to have a salad before my dinner.

The most healthy thing I have been doing is walking to work. It's about .75 miles to work from my apartment. It takes me about 15-20 mintues. (Lots of ice and snow so i have been going at a snails pace).

So that means I am getting a total of 1.5 miles of walking in 5 days a week. As soon as I get a YMCA membership I can add swimming, lifting weights and running to that. I might just get back into respectable shape again soon.

I am so glad I can walk. I was sick and tired of all the damned driving from my other jobs. That was like a minimum of 2 hours of driving and a maximum of four hours 6 friggen days a week!!! Damn that sucked.

I do have to drive to my prior occupancy this weekend to get the rest of my stuff. Hopefully I can make one trip of it and call it a day. I miss all my retro videogames and random crap...


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