Thursday, November 08, 2007

Yet another thift store score.

This is from awhile back. I have not bought any games recently since I am trying to save money.

For $17 I got a bag filled with video games.


Kung Fu for the NES in box
A Bugs Bunny game for the NES in box
Double Dragon 2 for NES
Operation Wolf for the NES

Zelda for the SNES
Super Punch out for the SNES
Contra 3 for the SNES
DK Country 3 for the SNES

Ren and Stimpy in Box for the Genesis
Sword of the Vermillion for the Genesis in box.

Spiro the Dragon - year of the dragon PS

Rayman for the PS

There was also another Genesis game and two other NES games but I can't remember the names right now.

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The GagaMan(n) said...

Ren and Stimpy for the Mega Drive is brilliant, far better than any of the many SNES R&S games they did. It's rather short but up there with treets of Rage as one of my favorite 16-bit Co-Op games.