Monday, November 19, 2007

November Video game Haul

Nice haul of cheap stuff this november.

First off Thrift Store:

I got a NICE cord switcher setup that allows you to hook up two computers to the same speakers and monitor. I am going to set my Dreamcast up to this so I can switch between my computer and my Dreamcast with the press of a Button. Just an ease of use thing I guess. It's nice not to have to keep unplugging the damn monitor.

Plus I got

Far Cry
Unreal T. 2004
Splinter Cell 2
Soldier of Fortune

ALL for $5. When you consider FAR CRY in that lot it might be one of the best deals ever. I have always wanted a copy. All these games are MINT too. Splinter cell still had the 39.99 pricer sticker on it.

Syracuse Flea market was mostly a big bust.

I got really beat up copies of 3 Dreamcast racing games. I have no idea if they work. MSR, Susuki and Speed Devils. Found thrown in with a bunch of music CDs $1.

-Lemmings 3d and a mint ninja/cowboy western game for the PS1 $5

-an original release of Kingdom Hearts 2 for $8.

-Karnof and Ninja Kid for the NES $5

- a Super Game boy player and Spawn for the SNES $5

-Shinobi 3 for the Genesis $2

-Strategy guides for Paper Mario and Perfect Dark. $1

-A manual for Octaria of time. $.50

At the shady games store I got:

Astral, Tomb Raider and Clockwork Knight for the Saturn

A the decent Game Craze local chain I got:

KISS for the Dreamcast $.99

Charge and Blast for the Dreamcast $.99

Tomb Raider for the Saturn (no Case) $.99

Tekken Tag Team for the PS2 $2

Overall not a bad haul. I was glad I was able to get some Dreamcast and Saturn stuff.

I am dissapointed in Syracuse though. I *might* go back to the flea market but it seems like the sellers don't have much stuff and are trying to get too much money for most of it.

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gnome said...

It's just too cheap... You lucky flea market dwellers...