Monday, November 05, 2007

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Buy it and Patch it.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a game that has gotten some really bad flack from some gamers.

However, when I saw it in Target for $15.00 clearance I knew I had to try it out.

Number one, this is a PC game. So download the patch FIRST before paying it.

Alot of people complained about the bugs in this game. I suppose that console gamers can't spend TWO MINUTES to download the latest patch of a game before bitching and complaining that the game is broke. I suppose that simply putting a DVD in a tray and playing a game has really made some gamers lazy. And stupid.

It's a PC game.

You have to patch the game to get the best gameplay.

Live with it you mouth breathers!

And it's a kick ass game.

The free roaming gameplay is actually alot like the "Daggerfall" Elder Scrolls game. That means you can completely ignore the main "quest" for awhile and go do whatever the hell you want. Nice.

You can play in several different ways.

In the first scenario there is a vicious group of bandits that are holed up in a small group of buildings. They have heavily guarded the two main entrance points but left a themselves open on the sides.

My style to solve this little problem was this.

I snuck past the two sets of guards to inside one of the building were two bandits sat around a fire. I pulled out my knife and made with the stabby. One of the guards was holding a shotgun which I took.

Then I snuck away making little noise.

The Guards from the entrance all heard the commotion and ran up screaming Russian swear words. Seeing only two bodies they stood around scratching their heads wondering what the hell could have happened.

While they were all standing close together I ran up behind them and blasted away.

Now that situation in the game could have been solved a number of different ways.

I personally found mine to be the best but I like the idea that I could have played it in many different ways.

It's a great game and well worth the $15.

If there is a Target near you see if they have it in stock.

Retail places that put stuff on clearance are great.

That's why I hate Walmart. Compared to Target and Kmart they hardly ever put anything worth buying on clearance.

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gnome said...

Ah yes, 't was an excellent game... Well, judging from the demo at least... Anyway, t's kinda sad it made the bargain bin already...

Great write-up too!